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In 1992 Classic Giants was founded and the breeding program began with the German imported bloodlines of two WSF Championship Team dogs :

CH Iro v. Sandokan SchH 3 IPO III

Int CAtze v. Altenhof SchH 3 IPO III

and a very impressive dog from Czechoslovakia, CH Cheeky Ladior SchH 3 IPO I

All of these working Giant Schnauzers represent the best imported dogs in the United States during the early 1990s. All OFA good, Clear thyroid, V rated in conformation and all champions in conformation.

   CH Iro v. Sandokan, SchH 3 IPO III imported and owned by Storm Bergin was multiple SchH 3, tracked often with 100 scores and always V rated in protection.

Int. CH Atze v. Altenhof, SchH 3, IPO III
owned by Jim Allen, highest scoring Giant in theUSA, multiple SchH 3, International Champion, V rated in protection.

CH Cheeky Ladior, SchH 3 IPO I owned by Kelly Fink-Pickarts. Imported from Czechoslovakia, multiple SchH3, always V rated in protection, excellent tracking dog.

There are many anecdotes regarding animal breeding. How does one understand what works, how to read a pedigree, who to breed to whom, who is the ultimate judge, is the standard followed for the breed, is the breeder improving the breed with the offspring. All of these statements need to be combined to produce the better animal and be a successful breeder.

My personal experience of breeding Morgan horses and dogs for 40 years has always started with an excellent female line. A line of pedigree with proven generations of qualities one wants to continue in the breeding program. Combined with a male who also has a strong female line with the desired traits produces the best genetic possibilities for the breeder. Classic Giant Schnauzers follows this theory and the dogs are exceptional specimens of the breed, not only in phenotype (what you see - body structure, bone, coat, dark eye, large head, drive, confidence, excellent temperament) but also in genotype (what you don't see - what the individual will in turn give to their off-spring). Classic Giant Schnauzers has now produced the third generation in 2003 & 2004, fourth generation 2009 & 2011 with the continued addition of imported working dogs from Europe.  This breeding program is creating the highest quality of working Giant Schnauzers available in the United States.

CH Classic von der Allenhof, CD, BH, V rated -  purchased at 8 weeks from Jim and Cornelia Allen with the qualities of excellence in both phenotype and genotype for my female line. An Iro daughter and Atze grand-daughter on her mother’s side, "Liebchen" is the founding bitch for the Classic breeding program.  Shown to her championship as a young dog, 'Liebchen' was the first offspring of Iro von Sandokan, SchH III, IPO III to achieve her AKC Championship title.  We went on to compete for the BH schutzhund obedience title (my first!) in 1997. Having gained some confidence, we completed the AKC Companion Dog title in 3 consecutive shows and were awarded High in Trial at the Giant Schnauzer Club of America's Midwest Specialty Show.

Bred to top Schutzhund competitor,Czechoslovakian import CH Cheeky Ladior, SchH 3, IPO 1  this cross produced 2 litters - 1995 and 1997.  This Golden cross has produced excellent foundation brood stock who have proven their worth and who are now producing quality offspring:

Classic Lugar v d Troy, K-9 -Deputy for Walworth County Sheriff’s Department, Elkhorn, WI
                                  Bred to
Classic Brunhilde v Ladior BH 

V rated offspring in 2001
Classic Sir Chaz  &
                             Classic Pearl v Lugar  AD, BH, CD, CGC
                              Bred to
CH Van't Wareheim Hausmann AD BH

                                      produced  VVP Rated offspring in 2003
 Classic Fanny v Easentaigh  VVP WSF National 2003
Classic Fieska v Easentaigh VVP WSF National 2003
      Completed her AKC Championship, AD, CDX, RN ~ bred  to Erin v Easentaigh SchH 3
             2009 produced Classic "P" litter - proving themselves outstanding working dogs
Classic Fergus v Easentaigh
VVP WSF National 2003
Classic Kiefferluce, CD -1998 National Specialty GSCA  first place, CD titled, owned, trained and shown by Gay Hausman of Alton , IL.

Classic Aris  - V rated, Best Adult Bitch, 1999 at Schnauzerfest. Bred to Ax Vom Den Kiwi's, SchH III  - produced 2 working litters for Apffel Bach Kennels.  The list is extensive for their offspring's early success. This is a young group of superbly bred, quality Giants who are going to make a huge impact on this breed in the near future!
Thank you Rae Ann Schoenbacher of Apffelbach Kennels for your impressive ability to place your puppies with enthusiasts who will bring their dogs to their fullest potential!
Thank you Michelle Testa for importing Ax vom den Kiwi's SchH III to the USA, competing him to his level of success in the Schutzhund arena and breeding him to Classic Aris!
Classic Giants is certainly proud of one puppy from this litter -
 Apffel Bach Classic Alexa  AD,CD,CGC who has proven herself as a producer of excellent working dogs.

Classic Onyx of Tahoma, BH AD, CD, CGC  
-  the epitome of a Classic Giant in temperament, drive, sound structure, harsh coat, large dark eye and large head. Onyx titled at the Working Schnauzer Federation Nationals in 2002 with her schutzhund BH.  She then titled at the Working Schnauzer Federation Nationals with an AD and V3 rating  in conformation against 9 bitches in the Open bitch class.  She achieved her American Kennel Club CD title in 3 consecutive trials and was awarded High in Trial at the 2003 Giant Schnauzer Club of America Midwest Specialty. Onyx  was bred to Bronko V Herzogenhof SchH III, KK1 and produced 2 exceptional litters of  working dogs. Many new enthusiasts have chosen a Classic Giant for their schutzhund sport dogs.

               Watch for  these Classic Onyx puppies in 2003 and Beyond!

Classic Diedre v Easentaigh - Mary E. Falls, Baraboo,WI.  AKC Obedience
Classic Darcey v Easentaigh - Kathy Mitchell, Memphis,TN SchH I
Classic Ecole v Easentaigh - James D. Faraoni, Salt Lake City,UT training for SchH I
Classic Eric v Easentaigh - Dean Anderson, Hudson,DE training for SchH I
Classic Erin v Easentaigh - Mary E. Falls Baraboo, WI  SchH 3
Classic Exodus v Easentaigh - Brandon Ray, Leander TX training for SchH I
Classic Emo Jo v Easentaigh -Thomas Filz Family, Appleton,WI AKC Obedience
Classic Epic Bronko Billy -John & Dena Gertz, Wilmington,N.C. Show AKC        
Classic Ebony v Easentaigh - Mary E. Falls Baraboo, WI, SchH 3

The importation of 
CH Van't Wareheim Hausmann BH, AD, SchH 1, Tr 2 from Johan and Edith Gallant has been an excellent addition to the Classic Giant breeding program.
Van't Wareheim Giant Schnauzers, Edith & Johan Gallant

Author of  "The World of Schnauzers", Alpine Press Most highly regarded, book on the Schnauzer in print today.  The Gallants have been breeding  working Giant Schnauzers for 28 years. A Belgium native, Johan met Edith in 1975. They relocated to South Africa where Johann founded the Giant Schnauzer Club of South Africa.  The Gallant's have produced over 60 litters of Giant Schnauzers, personally competed 24 breed champions and qualified multiple dogs in international working trials. They have successfully bred multiple Best of Breed winners who simultaneously qualified in working trials.

Classic Giants is very pleased to present Van't Wareheim Hausmann to the U S A.    Hausmann's  first time out - BEST IN SHOW win - from International Pinscher/Schnauzer Judge Isolde Huber!  His offspring are producing exceptional individuals.
Hausmann is FANTASTIC!

To produce top quality working dogs with the best European bloodlines available today in the United States.
Emphasis on correct structure, sound temperament, health, athletic ability and genetic diversity.
All breeding stock is OFA certified good or excellent as well as normal thyroid at breeding, Eyes are CERF clear. Health guarantee on all offspring. 
The Working Reisenschnauzer Federation objectives are the standard for the Classic Giants breeding program.
The Giant Schnauzer Club of America Code of Ethics is strictly followed.

40 years experience in purebred canine and equine breeding, as well as excellent bloodlines are the hallmark of the Classic Giant program.

The Classic Giant Working Show Dog proves the breeding program.